I hope your Turkey Day was fantastic and filled your spirit as well as your belly.  Here are some scenes from ours.

My hubby and I chopped until we dropped on Thanksgiving Eve.  Our fridge was, shall we say, a bit overtaxed last night.  Thankfully, the brine and turkey fit nicely in a cooler on the back porch.

One of my guests – the man behind this blog about the indie music scene in Nashville – laughed when he looked inside.  His bachelor fridge, he said, contains a jar of mayo and some yogurt.

We started with Roasted Cauliflower & Fennel Soup.  The recipe is coming next week.  I got in the habit of starting with a creamy veggie soup a few years ago after Dad had his stroke.  He needs a thick soup to be able to swallow it properly.  Mom and I like for him to get some veggies this way because he can’t always swallow the tougher vegetables on our menu.

Speaking of Mom, we have this deal we’ve worked out over the years.  I will absolutely do 100% all of the cooking, provided she sets my table.  She always does a lovely job and this year was no exception.  (Hubby, incidentally, cleans the kitchen.)

Mom set a separate table for the “moms and dads,” “the kids” and “the grandparents.”  This way, the grandparents can hold the wee ones while the parents enjoy a real dinner in the dining room.  (Thank you, Nai Nai and Boo Boo for corralling the little peeps!)

And here is the “kids table.”  They got to use cloth napkins … big time fun!

Here is the table with some of the terrific food.  My friend, P, created an amazing sweet potato dish off the cuff.  She also provided a haricot verts with shallot reduction dish.  Fantabulous.

See those gorgeous green beans?

And those “spotatoes,” as my nephew called them?

Here I am, doling out soup.  I have something of a gingham fetish.

And, finally, the gorgeous tarts from Dulce Vegan.  One was a chocolate pear tart which satisfied some pretty ferocious chocolate cravings we have in my family.  The other is an apple tart.  Amazing.  Both were gluten free, soy free, and vegan.  The cookies were a big hit with the kiddos.  I love the juxtaposition of these gorgeous gluten free yummies with my vintage BREAD box.

That’s my Thanksgiving review.  It was a lovely day, capped by glorious weather in Atlanta and punctuated by kids who were flat worn out.

Who could ask for more?

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