Monday’s post was a long one, and I’m tired tonight.  So today you get a spattering of random thoughts on wellness.  Because I have a little bit to say about a lot of things but not enough to say about any one thing for a whole post.

(Nor do I have the stamina to write much right now.)

1) We have a perfectly good acronym for the healthcare legislation that’s all in the news right now.  The Affordable Care Act.  ACA.  It galls me that professional journalists are calling it Obamacare.  It’s not the politics of it, it’s what I see as a lack of professionalism.  This is on the heels of my husband getting a professional email that didn’t include capital letters, punctuation, and used the letter “u” in lieu of the word “you.”  It’s just something that’s in my craw right now.  What does it have to do with wellness?  I think civic wellness matters, too and how we talk to one another plays a big role in that.

2) Baby A was up. all. night.  That was Sunday.  She had no symptoms save for a very low-grade fever.  I could make an argument that it was her teeth.  Or her throat.  Or her stomach.  Who knows?  But, we were supposed to go to her 15 month wellness checkup today and I cancelled.  I felt like coming off the heels of a random virus and a totally sleepless night, she needed a solid nap more than she needed a ped visit.  Today, I feel like it was the right choice.  Ask me again when she is 17 months old at her 15 month checkup.  (Because that’s how busy my pediatrician’s office has become.  We can’t get in until November.)

3) We’ve had lots of conversations about apologies in our house this week.  After my totally sleepless Sunday, I’ve been less-than-kind to my kids and spouse.  And then we’ve had the usual sibling spats.  What we hammer home around here is that no one is asking anyone to be perfect.  You screw up, you own your screw up, you apologize and then you move on.

4) I smoked a chicken on the Big Green Egg today.  Delish.  Anyhow, after working so hard to get that fire going and the temperature just where it needed to be, I had an emotional block at the idea of putting the fire out.  So, I plopped an acorn squash and then a butternut squash in there and BnutSquashroasted them up.  We ate the acorn tonight and I’m saving the butternut for tomorrow.  The acorn was to-die-for and the butternut smells like manna from heaven.

5) Just in case you’re counting, Baby A did turn 15 months old last week and that means I am now 15 months away from the last full night of sleep I have had.  Fifteen months.  Makes this post I wrote at nine months seem kind of quaint.

6) I am still working to create a nightshade-free beef stew that is awesome and really, really “throw it together” easy.  I made a version this week that, while good, did not knock my socks off.  It was a little too onion-y.  So, back to the drawing board and I hope to have it out to you before it’s spring produce time again.

7) I got retweeted by Alicia Silverstone last week.  

(What would Cher have to say about that?  That it was rad?  #clueless)

I really enjoy following celebs and bloggers who are warm and kind through social media, and I think Alicia is definitely that.

I loved following Cory Monteith, too.

Do you know what his final tweet was? It was about that stupid “Sharknado” movie.

It kind of breaks my heart a little that this was the last bit of Cory to go out into the universe via Twitter.  It’s a good reminder that, whatever you put out on social media, if you aren’t good with it being your final word, probably best not to post it.

That’s it for now.

Told you it was random.

Feel free to share your random thoughts in the comments, too.

Fair’s fair.

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