I wrote a post for you guys last night. It was good, but then I started to think too much about it and decided it was bad. Or, not bad, but not ready. So I held off and, instead, you get this mishmash of thoughts. None is sufficient to develop into a full post, at least not at the moment with Maysanity still in full force. Also, I have one affiliate link in here. You can visit this page to read my full disclosure statement.

I know I have a lot of book lovers here. If you also use Reddit, then here’s a great subreddit with suggestions and ideas on what to read next.

I am sure doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers can relate to this, but when you teach fitness classes, you kind of have to prepare yourself for people who get very angry and direct their emotions toward you when their body doesn’t do what they want or expect it to do. I’ve taught long enough now that I don’t take it personally, but it still takes me by surprise when it happens.

Would you agree that travel is just about one of the least wellness promoting things one can do? Namely, air travel? The schedule will change on you, which is fraught with stress and anxiety. It requires a lot of sitting. And, airport seats pretty much put every single body type into a non-aligned and unhealthful position. My poor husband travels extensively for work, and I hate seeing what the trips do to him.

Once, on a flight back from Egypt, the man in the seat diagonally behind me sat in a deep squat for the whole flight, save for takeoff and landing. It was quite a feat. And, speaking of feet (ha!), he was barefoot. I thought he was odd then. Now, I think he was brilliant. I am quite sure he felt better than I did after that long flight.

It’s primary day in Georgia and in many other states across the country. If there’s an election happening in your neck of the woods, go vote!

I just sent in my recertification materials to the governing body through which I hold my group fitness certification. And my check. My sizable, once-every-two-years check. Plus, all those CEUs? They represent cold, hard cash I spent just to be able to send in that sizable check for recertification. What am I a trying to say here? It’s not easy to make much money in the fitness world and it can cost a lot just to stay in the game. But more on that later … there’s a full blog post brewing on that topic.

I taught this morning, and before I could teach, I had to remove not one but two 45 lb. weight plates that some independent exerciser had left in the group fitness room. It’s a rare day now when I don’t have to clean up someone else’s mess just to give my class a safe space. I just cannot imagine getting down equipment that weighs nearly one hundred pounds, moving it to a different room altogether, and then just leaving it there.

I posted a link on Facebook to the conversation between Katy Bowman and Robb Wolf that aired this week. Here’s a transcript of it, so you can skim it for yourself if you don’t have time to listen. But even if you don’t listen, I am going to pull out a super-awesome Katy quote, because I want you to think on it:

“the way physiology works is it adapts to what you do most frequently not what you do with the best of intentions”

– Katy Bowman, M.S.

Finally, if you haven’t read my book, The Myth of Jake, yet, would you put it on your summer reading list? I think it makes a great beach or poolside read. And, if you have read it, would you take a second to write a quick review on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or wherever you bought it? The reviews really do matter a great deal. 

There you have it. Unwittingly, I have teased out a few themes that I hope to develop over the summer. I guess the things that are on my mind just have a way of spilling out, despite my intentions to wait on them. I can’t promise you a fresh post tomorrow, but I can’t say it won’t happen either. #maysanity #doingthebestican

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